IT Manager exacts revenge on party pooper boss

IT Manager exacts revenge on party pooper boss

What a way to celebrate Independence Day...

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When it comes to public holidays and celebratory days, we would recommend you not mess with your staff. 

What we mean is that on these special days where people come together to celebrate as a nation, it is rarely advisable to pull a fast one and require them to work...

Unfortunately, this is what one company's vice-president did - and his staff got their revenge in a painful way.

An IT Manager shared his personal experience about not getting leave for his entire team on the 4th of July, which is Independence Day. 

Now it's one thing to miss a public holiday, but to miss out on the Independence Day celebrations, is a harsh. 

This manager went on to share with his team that he would be taking this up with the higher ups and would make things right. 

Initially, the team was to be allowed to work from home, but then as the days passed, they were informed that they were required to come into the office. 

Now the person who informed them that they would be required to work in the office was the VP, so the IT Manager took this up with her personally and one of her responses was, "It's just IT, you guys don't have lives." (Cheezburger)

The nerve! 

But wait for it, the manager decided to ask this rude person if it would be okay if his team could have a party at the office on the 4th. 

After he got the go ahead, things took a turn for the road of revenge. 

He got formal approval via email saying that they could have a party, and use the company credit card too... Score! On condition that they do not consume alcohol on company property or light fireworks. 

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You see this is why you don't mess with your staff, because they will become very technical and you know what they say about pay back...

The IT Manager used the company credit card to cater for a proper Independence Day celebration, full on BBQ, fireworks, and even told staff to invite their family. 

After a few weeks, the expense report was submitted and safe to say that the powers that be changed the policy to say that anything over $4k would need approval. 

P.S His revenge party cost more than $6k!

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