JAC's Top 5: Helpful tips that will get you through the week before payday

JAC's Top 5: Helpful tips that will get you through the week before payday

Here are a few things that will help you through the days before that ding, ding, ding notification...

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Family doing grocery shopping/Pexels Website

As the months pass us by, that week before payday can be long and lingering...

But we have some great tips on how to get through that payday stretch. 

Tips that will help you save with the rising cost of groceries.

1. Number one has got to be stocking up on your pantry staples, such as beans, lentils, stock cubes, grains, chickpeas, dried peas, and don't forget your pastas. 

These can take you through those dreadful days before payday. You can also add in canned foods to spice things up. Now these items have longer shelf life dates and therefore can last you through the month. 

2. Another way of pushing through is to buy in bulk when you do get your salary. 

3. And portion your food. So if you are buying cold meat for lunch, then make sure to properly package it so that it can last you for longer. 

4. Take some time out to look at those special pamphlets when they come in the mail. 

Take note of the retailers running specials so that when you do your monthly shopping, you are getting the best out of your buck. 

This could save you hundreds of rands that you could potentially save in a separate fixed term savings or alternatively use for something else. 

If need be, try online shopping, with the rising cost in petrol, it sometimes works out cheaper. 


5. And the last one on the list for now is plan out your meals for the month. Having a consistent plan on what you are going to cook for the week helps you stick to a budget and that in turn helps you save money...

Win, win... ching, ching... we hope these tips can help you as you proceed to make it through to payday...

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