JHB dating: Learn how to read the room

JHB dating: Learn how to read the room

A Johannesburg dating content creator asks why some men have to be creepy...

Woman working while at a coffee shop
Woman working while at a coffee shop/Pexels/@Antoni Shkraba

Some might say that it is tough to be a singleton today, and after hearing some stories from people on social media, we might agree. 

A Johannesburg man, who prides himself on being content with dating and goes by the name Mr Jingles, shared a story about a girl, a guy, and a coffee shop. 

Things got weird after he got his coffee, so let's elaborate...

In the world of dating, it can be said that some men can be creepy in their approach. 

This story was proof of that. Perhaps this guy has watched too many movies or felt he was doing the 'right' thing by being bold, but this was wrong on many levels. 

Mr Jingles visits a coffee shop in Fourways, Johannesburg. When he arrives, he notices an attractive woman sitting at one of the tables working on her laptop. This is not the creepy part; it is when a guy walks in and sits across from her at the same table that things become weird. 

At first, Mr Jingles thinks that this guy knows her or is her boyfriend. Bear in mind the woman is on a work call and seems baffled by the man's presence at her table. 

This led Mr Jingles to believe that perhaps she didn't know this guy. Even more confusing to Mr Jingles was that the guy just walked in and sat at the table. He didn't order a coffee; he just came in and sat there. Whether or not he believed this to be making a move is irrelevant, because he had successfully creeped her out. 

He creeped her out, so she packed her stuff up and left. 

Mr Jingles, a content creator who focuses on dating content, asked a pressing question (in his opinion): "Why do some men just act like creeps?"

Yes, we know that movies and social media can be confusing, leading one to believe that doing something bold can be attractive, but trusting your gut should be your first guide. You can learn how to read the room before you throw your chance under the bus...

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