Single's only bars open in major cities around the world

Single's only bars open in major cities around the world

Dating App, Thursday has opened 'single's-only' bars for singletons using dating apps. 

Group of multiracial people enjoying a drink together
Group of multiracial people enjoying a drink together/iStock/@ViewApart

We know that dating can be daunting, but with dating apps, becoming more and more enlightened about the playing field has given hope to all the singletons. 

A dating app called Thursday, for instance, has fused the world of online dating with offline dating. 

They have opened up 'singles-only' bars in 60 cities across the USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, and India.

It's not easy to find a person worthy of your time and love, moreover, with the amount of scams that circulate online and offline, we are surprised that some singles even sign up for dating apps. 

But no one can completely admit that they want to be alone for the rest of their lives...

So, we find it quite interesting that 'Thursday' has tried to merge two very opposing fields and create a space for singles to enjoy.  

The cool thing about the singles-only bars is that it isn't only Thursday users that can enter, it is a place for all dating app users to meet in real life every Thursday night.

"A spokesperson behind the project said "what singles really want is an opportunity to meet someone naturally, in a bar." (Instagram)


The best part, over and above meeting some potential matches, is that the entry is free. 

Even though South Africa doesn't have one of these singles-only bars, it does sound like something useful for the single market. 

Especially considering how awkward it is when someone you set your eyes on is not single...

Image Courtesy of iStock/ViewApart

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