Luxury space travel is what the future holds for people willing to pay R2.1m

Luxury space travel is what the future holds for people willing to pay R2.1m

Would you pay over R2m to go on a luxury balloon ride to space?

A luxury balloon ride into space
A luxury balloon ride into space/Instagram Screenshot/@pubity

There are certain experiences that are marketed and described as 'out-of-this-world', but this is one is very literal.

A tourism company that goes by the name, Space Perspective, is the world’s first luxury spaceflight experience company. 

They are aiming "to provide an experience like no other— one that only space can provide." (Doha News)

Check out the video below, courtesy of Twitter

"Its new space lounge inside the Spaceship Neptune offers new ways of getting people familiar with the atmosphere, presenting a mind-blowing viewing area that is different from other spacecraft. According to Space Perspective, the nearly 5-foot-tall panoramic windows in the Neptune space lounge are the biggest ever carried into space." (Doha News)

The space lounge is equipped with a cocktail bar and customisable recliner seats that were all designed with sustainability in mind. 


"The entire spaceship will be launched into the sky using a massive Space Perspective balloon. Once it departs earth, those on board will experience the beauty of the stars closer than ever." (Doha News)

The cost per person is $125,000, which is around R2.1million. The flight up takes off from NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida, USA. 

This trip is set to launch in late 2024 and tickets to the inaugural launch are already sold out. 

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