Man, 80, claims he hasn't slept in over six decades

Man, 80, claims he hasn't slept in over six decades

We honestly cannot even imagine what that must feel like.

Vietnamese man with hands crossed
Vietnamese man with hands crossed/Facebook/@slo.sadhana

Sleep is definitely something that we all need, for obvious reasons. 

But one man claims that he has been unable to sleep for some 60 years. 

Thai Ngoc is an 80-year-old man from Vietnam who claims that since he had a fever as a young man, he has not slept for over six decades. 

"Thai Ngoc has been making news headlines in his home country for years now, ever since it was originally reported that he does not need any sleep to lead a happy, active life." (Oddity Central)

He has shared his story widely and has said that he is unsure whether the lack of sleep has affected his health. 

But he does say that he feels well and is able to still farm without any sleep. 

"Born in 1942, Thai Ngoc claims that he came down with a severe fever at age 20, and even though he survived, it left him unable to sleep again. Despite allegedly trying various medications, traditional folk remedies, and even ample quantities of alcohol, the Vietnamese man couldn’t fall asleep." (Oddity Central)

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Experts have said that perhaps Ngoc is having short naps and is unaware of it. 

"Dr Vikas Wadhwa at Sleep Services Australia said that some insomniacs lack the ability to tell the difference between being awake and being asleep, so the 80-year-old man could be falling asleep for short periods of time during the day and just not know it. These power naps could be enough to keep him going." (Oddity Central)

Even though he has claimed that he has not slept in over 60 years, and his family has attested to this, it cannot be verified as he has not undergone sleep tests.

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