This parent won't let married children sleep in same room as their spouses

This parent won't let married children sleep in same room as their spouses

This parent finds it inappropriate for her children to sleep in the same room as their spouses.

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A parent has come under fire after she banned her daughter from sleeping in the same room as her wife. 

The mother took to Reddit to air her frustration. 

She says her daughter, who lives in another state, came to visit her with her family. 

"My daughter (31F), her wife (33F) and their son (5M) live in a different state. I (60F) always am the one who goes to visit them in their house because of my DIL's busy work schedule.

"My daughter said she wanted to come and see me and her old friends with her family," she wrote. 

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The mother says she prepared separate rooms for her daughter, the wife, and the child. 

"When they arrived, I mentioned I had prepared each of them a different room. One for my daughter, one for DIL and one for my grandson."

She says this upset her daughter, who explained that she has not slept apart from her spouse in the past nine years. 

But the mother did not understand her daughter's frustration as she said this was a common practice, even for her son and his wife. 

"My daughter said I was being unreasonable and that she wanted to sleep in the same room as her wife. I said I made her brother and his wife do the same thing when they visited and they never complained."

As a result, the mother says the daughter and the wife went to sleep at a hotel and they are not on good speaking terms. 

"My daughter told my DIL to arrange for a hotel. I was really hurt by her decision and said I hoped she'd just stay and it was a few days. She said she hadn't slept apart from her wife for the past 9 years and wasn't going to start doing that now. They left and stayed at the hotel. My daughter is still kind of cold to me and my friends think I acted like an AH. Was I TA?"

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