Man gives honest feedback in airline survey

Man gives honest feedback in airline survey

When honesty is part of your brand, no matter what!

Man typing on airline monitor
Man typing on airline monitor/TikTok Screenshot/@barstoolsports

When it comes to feedback, some establishments are eager to know where they went wrong so that they can correct their wrongs and do better. 

After all, customer service is a big deal. It's like that age-old saying goes, "A happy customer is a repeat customer". 

But sometimes, some employees can be a bit pushy about getting the feedback. 

A classic example of that was witnessed when an airline passenger felt pressured to take the feedback survey and decided that was a negative in terms of service. 

In a video that was shared by Bar Stool Sports, we see another passenger video the man who was typing out his feedback on the seat monitor. 

It is clear from his feedback that he was not happy that the air hostess interrupted him from his movie twice to do the survey. 

Watch what happened in the video below, courtesy of TikTok

@barstoolsports Bro was standing on business 🤣 @Lowering The Bar (via:@Madison Waller ♬ original sound - ava 🧘‍♀️


Check out some of the comments. 

  • “If they want to ask for feedback they gonna find out”
  • "Interrupting a movie multiple times to ask someone how the flight is will not lead to a good review. Lol"
  • "I do this too 😂 any minor inconvenience and I’m complaining"
  • "And I would do the same 😂 especially if I gotta take my ears buds out bc somebody keeps talking to me 💀💀"

Image Courtesy of TikTok

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