Parents yell at airline staff over their kid's age

Parents yell at airline staff over their kid's age

Airline rules are clear cut and as a parent, you have to have things settled before visiting the airport. 

Family standing at the airport in queue
Family standing at the airport in queue/TikTok Screenshot/@posh.420

If you are a parent that travels, then there are certain rules when it comes to flying with infants and toddlers. 

The general rule is that infants who can be carried do not pay, but children over two years of age have to have their own ticket. 

But it seems that not all parents are aware of this rule - or perhaps some of them are and they choose to push the limits with airline staff?

In a video that was shared on TikTok, we see a family with two kids, one that is well over the age of two, and one that is at that questionable stage. 

The stage where people are unable to say for sure how old the child is; that age between early toddler and older toddler. 

These parents only purchased three tickets, one for each of them and then their older child. The airline, however, needed clarity that their younger child was in fact 18 months. 

In South Africa, having your child's birth certificate is normal when asked for proof of age. 

But it seems things are different in the US. These parents were not able to produce proof of age, and when they called the hospital for some sort of proof, the hospital said they had no record of her birth. 

Check out the video below, courtesy of TikTok

@posh.420 Severe eyeroll 🙄 #Airline #RealityTV #Karen ♬ Entitled or Not - Miranda Posh


They did seem quite entitled in the way they approached the supervisor. 

It just goes to show, sometimes not everyone is happy when they are questioned.

Check out some of the comments: 

CoCo: "I always bring a copy of my kids birth certificate. it's not that serious" 

lolitabonita89: "When he yelled that announcement, I would’ve yelled back “we knowwwww”" 

_marshall.inthedoor: "Who travels without documents!??!"

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