Man scams woman out of R5.9m posing as her saviour

Man scams woman out of R5.9m posing as her saviour

Sadly, this is a reality that many people have faced...

Person holding a red candle in a dark room
Person holding a red candle in a dark room/Pexels/@Anna Shvets

It's not uncommon for us to hear about these exorbitant scams that innocent people get carried away by. 

And most of the time, it is more heart-aching when we know that it is an elderly person that has fallen victim to a con. 

In this case, it was an elderly woman who was stringently religious. Sadly, the scammer used this to his advantage in convincing her to play a part in his scam. 

"A Spanish man stands accused of taking advantage of an overly-religious old woman by posing as her Lord and Savior and asking her to deposit money at His ‘Church of Heaven’." (Oddity Central)

Esperanza, an elderly woman from the Northern parts of Spain, fell victim to a man who called her saying that he was God. 

He went as far as telling her that she needed to share her savings with him as the ‘Church of Heaven' offered better interest. 

"The woman never once suspected that she was being scammed, as she was convinced that she was a ‘chosen of the Virgin’ long before receiving the call, so getting a direct call from the Almighty didn’t really seem that strange." (Oddity Central)


Over six years, she deposited 300,000 euros in a small drawer in a local convenience store. 

That's a total of R5.9-million! But she was convinced that her money was going to God. 

According to the news source, she suffers from religious mystical delusions. "It is believed that the scammer, the owner of a local shop who knew about the woman’s beliefs, took advantage of her extreme religiousness to fill their own pockets." (Oddity Central)

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