Man started exercising aggressively and now cannot walk

Man started exercising aggressively and now cannot walk

Pushing your body too hard comes with consequences...

Elderly man holding his knee
Elderly man holding his knee/Facebook/@srradiopilot

With more and more people becoming health conscious, it has become trendy to go to the gym. 

Working out is as much a social encounter as it is a healthy decision. But how do you know when you are pushing too hard?

Well, each person is different, and so are their motivations for keeping fit and healthy. 

We're not quite sure what line of thinking motivated this man to exercise, but he did it for eight hours a day. 

"Chinese newspaper Shanxy Daily recently featured the tragic story of a 60-year-old man from Henan who only discovered exercising in his early 40s, only to start overdoing it to such an extent that he pretty much ruined his joints." (Oddity Central)

We just wanted to remind everyone of that saying, too much of a good thing is generally not good for you. 

"The Zhengzhou-based man reportedly exercised about two and a half hours every morning, walking, running, and doing pull-ups, then swam for about two hours and then did 800 sit-ups a day, plus hundreds of push-ups, and some badminton to top it all off. Unfortunately, his body eventually gave in, and he started experiencing severe pain in his joints." (Oddity Central)

As much as we are advocates for a healthy lifestyle, everything in life is about balance. The trick is finding a way to adopt a lifestyle that supports that balanced mindset. 


The man has been following this rigourous routine for about twenty years, and then began experiencing excruciating pain in his knees and elbows. 

"Lian Jie, the director of the Luoyang Orthopedic Hospital took to Weibo to remind the general public that exercise should be moderate and that people should start with easy exercises and find a sport they enjoy. For most people, exercising 3 to 5 times a week, for just 1 or 1.5 hours is optimal." (Oddity Central)

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