Man uses hand sanitiser to stop snake from devouring itself

Man uses hand sanitiser to stop snake from devouring itself

We've heard of snakes devouring other animals, but not often have we heard about them devouring themselves...

A King snake that has swallowed himself
A King snake that has swallowed himself/X Screenshot/@MoreCrazyClips

Many people get squeamish or horrified when it comes to snakes and we cannot say we blame them. 

But as much as these reptile wonders are scary and vicious in nature, they are also quite amazing. 

We came across a video of a snake caught up in a tricky and quite awkward situation. 

Watch what happened to this King Snake that somehow swallowed itself. Courtesy of X


Who knew that hand sanitiser could be used in this way? 

We hope the snake's eyes are okay or perhaps it is not a high grade of hand sanitiser? Regardless, many people were just as shocked as us about the snake swallowing itself and the hand sanitiser. 

Check out some of the comments:

  • "You need to cool down the temperature of that room!! That snake probably feeling so hot that it confuses its tail as its meal" 
  • "Never seen this before. Only in drawings"
  • "Poor thing is hungry"
  • "A-z-animals says: "Snakes eat themselves due to stress, temperature regulation issues, hypermetabolism, hunger, shedding, constrictive habitat, illness, or confusion. This behaviour is most likely to happen in captivity."

Image Courtesy of X

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