Ocean photoshoot goes terribly wrong

Ocean photoshoot goes terribly wrong

It's like they say, don't mess with Mother Nature...

A woman holds onto a rock as ocean wave pulls her down
A woman holds onto a rock as ocean wave pulls her down/X Screenshot/@crazyclipsonly

When it comes to the forces of nature, people should always be more mindful. 

Because you see, the forces of nature, such as the water, fire, wind, and earth cannot be controlled. In fact, the attempts at controlling nature are what have also caused some mayhem, but that's a deeper topic to be explored. 

A prime example of why you should not mess with water was displayed in a video shared on X

Taking ocean snaps is great and can be quite popular with models. However, the dangers of doing these photoshoots without a proper safety plan in place can be hazardous. 

In this case, it was hazardous for the model. 

In the video, we see the model standing close to the edge of some rocks posing in front of the powerful waves. The waves crash against her making her lose her footing and she falls. 

Watch what happened below, courtesy of X


By no means are we throwing shade, but it was so typical of the photographer to step back and be more concerned about his camera than the model...

The natural instinct would have been to reach out to help her, don't you think?

We're not quite sure whether she was okay or not because the video ended so abruptly, we hope the person videoing went to find her. 

Image Courtesy of X

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