Who is in the wrong here?

Who is in the wrong here?

Tweeps are saying that this is just another example of bad parenting...

Track runner collides with a young boy in the middle of the track
Track runner collides with a young boy in the middle of the track/X Screenshot/@PicturesFolder

There are certain things that are deemed acceptable and not acceptable when it comes to public behaviour. 

It seems that the rules when it comes to parents are much harsher than just regular adults. We say this with caution because we don't want parents and non-parents to think we are making a judgement. 

But after watching a video shared on X, we are certain people feel a certain type of way about parents. 

The video, which was first shared on TikTok, was posted to X asking people if the runner in the video should've stopped to avoid colliding with a child. 

Now, when you watch the video, it provides you with more context. 

But, in short, basically the child jumped onto the track while a race was on and one of the runners tries to avoid the child, but they collide and the child is left on the floor while the runner continues the race. 


Watch the video that was shared on X

People had a lot to say about the kid jumping onto the track, saying that the boy's parents were to blame. 

Some understood why the runner didn't stop to check on the boy. 

Check out some of the comments below:

  • "There's no way he could have stopped at that moment, the child's mum it to blame, she should have held unto her child." 
  • "How? The kid ran directly in front of him.. blame the parent for not watching their kid properly.." 
  • "Bro tried to dodge the kid. That speed could take awhile to stop he could get injured to donit abruptly and his mind is trained not to stop its understandable" 
  • "Nope the question should be WHO LET THE KID GET ON THE TRACK? Perfect example of Horrible parenting Ofcourse they will blame the athlete or the child instead of taking responsibility" 

Watch another video from a different perspective. Courtesy of TikTok.

Sadly, we could not get any information about the child's well-being. 


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