Dad locks daughter in car, heads off to run marathon

Dad locks daughter in car, heads off to run marathon

Running is good for you, but this is just down right ridiculous.

A little girl sitting in the car and looking out the window
A little girl sitting in the car and looking out the window/iStock/@Sasiistock

We can totally understand having a passion for something like running. 

Everything about running shouts freedom; a literal freedom of the physical body, a freedom of thought, and the freedom of escaping the closed-minded parts of society. 

But what is considered taking your passion for running a bit too far?

An angry mother and wife recently posted to social media that her husband was obsessed with running.

"In an angry post on Chinese social media, Zhao, a woman living in southern China’s Hunan province, said that her former husband’s obsession with running ended up destroying their family." (Oddity Central)

After their recent divorce, Zhao also shared that her husband's obsession with running was so extreme that he allegedly once left their five-year-old daughter locked inside the car alone so he could run a marathon. 

Zhao admitted that at first she encouraged her husband to run because she felt it was good for his health. 

But then it became too much and caused a rift between the couple. 

"According to Toutiao News, Zhao wrote in her post that her ex-husband once left their five-year-old daughter alone in a car for several hours, just so he could do what he loved most, run. The woman did not observe this herself, but her daughter later told her everything. Apparently, her ex-husband bought the five-year-old girl breakfast, gave her his phone for entertainment, locked her in a car, and went to run in a marathon." (Oddity Central)

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Zhao's post went viral in China and when Chinese media confronted her husband, Peng, about the incident, he admitted to it. 

He went on to say that he did leave his daughter in the car alone but didn't run the full marathon. He says he returned to check on her after 1.5km and he found her asleep. 

Peng told Zhao that if she was unhappy with the way he parented their daughter, then she should keep the young child. 

The nerve!

When you leave your kid alone to feed your obsession, then you are an addict and a bad parent. Say what you like, but what this man did was insensitive and irresponsible.

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