Toddler records herself on mom's phone and it's the cutest

Toddler records herself on mom's phone and it's the cutest

"Wish me luck" and the way she says "Hi" to everyone... Adorable!

A toddler holds her hands up in the kitchen
A toddler holds her hands up in the kitchen/TikTok Screenshot/@naledistarr6

Do you allow your kids to use your phone?

We're not sure how, but we have noticed that this generation of toddlers are super savvy when it comes to smartphones. It's like they were born into this age of just knowing. 

Let's not even get started with their level of maturity when it comes to their emotional well-being. Their ability to entertain and level of confidence just astounds us. 

A three-year-old caught our attention online with her recent video that was shared on TikTok by her mom. 

Naledi, who goes by the name Naledi Star on TikTok, found her mom's phone and started recording herself. 

She went on to greet her fans and then started talking about a competition and asked everyone to wish her luck. Even though mom posted the video, of course, for it's cuteness level, she is still baffled about what competition Naledi is referring to. 

Watch her express herself so eloquently. Courtesy of TikTok

@naledistarr6 #sama #tiktoktoddlers #competition ♬ original sound - NalediStarr*


Many people commended the young girl for her amazing communication skills: 

  • "Naledi need your English for my interviews"
  • "please naledi star can articulate her self so well!" 
  • "She's going to be a star one day! save this video for when she's slaying it in the industry" 
  • "your English is better than mine lapho I'm over 40, I'm following so that I'll learn one or two things" 
  • "You can definitely do this, Gooood luck Naledi Star🥰You are meant to be a star angel"  

Image Courtesy of TikTok

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