Papa Smurf the man that turned blue with self-medication

Papa Smurf the man that turned blue with self-medication

He consumed silver compound over time and eventually turned blue...

Man with blue skin and white beard
Man with blue skin and white beard/YouTube Screenshot/@insideedition

Of course, when we see someone who doesn't look like everyone else, we have a tendency of staring. 

Sometimes that could be a good thing, whilst other times it could just be rude. Because it's never been polite to stare. 

Well, unless that staring has something to do with the language of flirtation and even then there are some limitations. 

For this man, whose story came back into the blue light, it was all about consuming too many supplements. 

"Paul Karason, who suffered from a range of conditions including dermatitis, consumed a silver compound mix in an effort to stop his skin from flaking.

Paul, who became known as 'Blue Man' and 'Papa Smurf' as a result of his blue-tinged skin, started drinking the homemade silver colloidal mixture after reading an advert in a new age magazine which said it could promote health and rejuvenation - claims which are unsubstantiated." (Daily Mail)

WATCH an interview with him from 2008 and then in 2012 respectively.

Courtesy of YouTube

Sadly, Karason passed away in 2013. 

"In September 2013, Paul Karason died aged 62 at a Washington hospital where he was being treated for pneumonia after suffering a heart attack." (Daily Mail)

His story is a great reminder that you shouldn't believe everything you read...

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