Pet parents share how their dog ruined their couch with mud

Pet parents share how their dog ruined their couch with mud

You come to accept these things after a while...

A dog smears mud all over a blue couch
A dog smears mud all over a blue couch/TikTok Screenshot/@courtneyandconstruction

We have learnt to accept the things we cannot change and move on because what's the point, right?

Having pets has been compared to having kids and if you think about it, it is quite a similar experience. They both always think they know better, they do what you tell them not to do, and you always forgive them because they have those eyes and that pout...

One family seemed not to care much when their dogs got into the mud and decided to jump onto the couch right after. 

It left us wide-eyed and concerned as to how they were going to clean up the mess. 

But they looked like they had a good laugh about it and even shared the video on TikTok. Have a look at it below, courtesy of TikTok

@courtneyandconstruction Willow strikes again! 🐾🛋️ Who knew our couch doubled as a mud pit? 🤣 Thank god for our @VAXcleanhome from @Bunnings ….it now looks brand bew! #MuddyCouchAdventures #petparentlife ♬ Originalton - S E T A

But it seems it wasn't the end of the world as we know it, but quite the opposite. 

A follow-up video revealed that you can recover from a muddy couch without calling in a cleaning service. 

Take a look at how clean the couch came out, video courtesy of TikTok

@courtneyandconstruction Ever heard the saying 'it always gets worse before it gets better'? Well, today we lived it! Thanks to Willow, our golden retriever, our couch turned into a muddy mess. But with a little elbow grease and our vax, we tackled the mess head-on. And guess what? It's cleaner than when we started! Stay tuned to see the miraculous transformation! 🛋️🐾 #CleaningChronicles #GoldenRetrieverDilemmas ♬ original sound - COURTNEY, WILLOW & ARCHIE


Check out some of the comments below. 

  • "The way they’re looking at you like I can’t believe you ruined my masterpiece mom" 
  • "I saw other video first and came for the cleaning video! It didn’t disappoint!!"
  • "Is this an add for the couch or the cleaning products because I’m interested in both." 

Image Courtesy of TikTok

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