Roblox plans to shift focus envisioning a dating app

Roblox plans to shift focus envisioning a dating app

The popular app that is used by many to create games and submerge into the virtual reality is thinking of introducing a dating feature. 

Roblox software and gaming
Roblox software and gaming/Facebook/@Roblox

If you are a gamer, then you have to be familiar with the virtual and gaming world that Roblox offers its community. 

Now, if you are unfamiliar with Roblox as a brand, then CEO David Baszucki aims to change that. He wants the brand to be more than just a platform for gamers. 

But a place that allows people to form connections and build relationships. The app is known as a platform for kids, but will now evolve into a place for adults to meet. 

"The company recently added experiences that can only be played by users who have verified that they are 17 or older, meaning that people hanging out in those exclusive experiences can be relatively sure they’re spending time with people who are old enough to be there." (The Verge)

From what we can see, CEO Baszucki is trying to humanise the platform so that it isn't just a platform for your avatar, but also one that allows you to find connections, human connections. 

"For 17 years Roblox has brought hours of entertainment to many different gamers thanks to the opportunity it provides players to create their own games and exercise their imagination and creativity." (GameRant)

The platform is said to have over 66 million daily users who have used the app for 14 billion collective hours, and that was only from the first quarter of 2023. 

It is not something we usually experience when it comes to the world of gaming or game-building. But perhaps this element of building "real-relationships" comes from society's need to be less alone and find friends as well. 

Which was noticed during the pandemic. 


Whatever the reason behind the future plans, it is certainly a shift from the purpose of the app. And something that ironically is a mesh of reality emerging into the virtual nature of things. 

With the rise in things such as virtual concerts and emerging into a simulated reality, there is definitely a Matrix loading. The question is are you game or not?

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