SA TikToker shares a medical doctor's salary slip

SA TikToker shares a medical doctor's salary slip

Uh, it may just be our opinion, but while this could be taken as motivational, it is also super inappropriate. 

Woman on TikTok sharing a medical salary slip
Woman on TikTok sharing a medical salary slip/TikTok Screenshot/@lifereset_za

We have long known pay slips or salary slips to be a thing that is meant only for your eyes. 

In other words, a confidential document that you should keep to yourself. 

But it seems one woman is airing people's laundry as she gains traction based on sharing the salaries of various professionals. 

Lifereset with Boni on TikTok has gained a large following for sharing what she refers to as educational and career advice. 

WATCH her video below, which got more than one-million views. Courtesy of TikTok

@lifereset_za Replying to @juniormsojahmabasa Medical Doctor Payslip #lifereset_za #doctorsoftiktok #doctor #medicalstudent ♬ original sound - Lifereset with Boni

Now this is just one of the many salary slips that she has shared on her page. 

And if this is her way of motivating people to work toward a particular career choice based on what they may earn, then that's all well and good. 

However, sharing one's salary information is something of a breach of confidentiality, well, at least in our opinion. 

It has been known to cause bad relations between colleagues and in general between people of different industries. 


Therefore we are not certain that this should be celebrated or is even ethical. 

Proof that this is uncool was displayed when she was asked for her salary slip and this is how she responded. 

WATCH the video below, courtesy of TikTok. In short, this video ironically proves our point. What do you think about her sharing salary slips on her channel?

@lifereset_za Replying to @siseko.amile You won't be seeing my payslip!#lifereset_za #careers #payslips #careertok #careertiktok ♬ original sound - Lifereset with Boni

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Image Courtesy of TikTok

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