Scammers steal man's savings and convince him to set a bank on fire

Scammers steal man's savings and convince him to set a bank on fire

The poor man sounded crazy when the authorities arrested him...

Photo of city buildings during night time in Moscow
Photo of city buildings during night time in Moscow/Pexels

Being a victim to a scam can certainly be paralysing. It not only completely ruins your ability to trust, it also crushes your confidence, and self-esteem. 

Mostly because it questions your intelligence. When you get scammed, you either feel legitimately silly or you are forced to do something that was beyond your control. 

Like something out of a movie plot, this man was not only scammed of his life savings, but also tricked into committing a serious crime. 

"The Russian man, whose name has not been disclosed to protect his privacy, told police that, a while back, he had been contacted by someone who introduced themselves as a "representative of Russia’s largest bank" and began telling him that his account had been linked to suspicious activity." (Oddity Central)

Somehow, the bank rep was able to convince the man to transfer his funds into bank employees accounts to keep his funds safe. 

The trusting man transferred over 1 million rubles (over $20,000 - R363,140.00) into several accounts that were given to him by the bank rep aka the scammer. 

Things didn't end there thought, the scammers decided to play around with this man's innocence. 

"After confirming that the man’s money was now secure in their accounts, the scammers proceeded to convince their victim that the only way to expose the people who wanted to steal his money was to set fire to the Sberbank branch they operated from. 

They were even nice enough to provide the man with instructions on how to make his own Molotov cocktail." (Oddity Central)

Of course, he was arrested by police and after sharing this over-the-top story, which sounded completely crazy, he got off quite lightly. 

"This whole story sounds like the crazy explanation of a man trying to justify premeditated arson, but incredibly enough, the man’s story checked out, according to Russian news agency, RIA Novosti

The man will most likely be accused of property damage, among others, and the chances of recovering his life savings are very slim." (Oddity Central)

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