Son tells mom to stop sending her friends to his workplace

Son tells mom to stop sending her friends to his workplace

Just an American stereotype that sheds light on what sometimes happens in society. 

Man wearing scrubs standing next to a Lamborghini
Man wearing scrubs standing next to a Lamborghini/TikTok Screenshot/@andreaspoly

We have to admit that we do love TikTok skits that cater to stereotypical behaviours. 

They don't just provide us with entertainment, but they also help us laugh off these stereotypes because we are not alone in living through them. 

One TikToker who openly shares his funny skits on TikTok without shame is Andreas Polychronis

In one video that we came across that has over 27-million views, he does a skit about his mother's friends. 

Of course, when a kid becomes a doctor or is in medical school, the parents of those kids take full advantage of that and behave as if they are the ones with medical qualifications. 

So, he says in the video that his mother needs to stop telling her friends that he is a surgeon, because her friends are coming to the rooms asking for liposuction. 

The funniest part is his delivery of the irate monologue when he reveals he is still a medical student and works in the paediatric division. 

Not to mention the other stereotype that people take loans out to buy fancy cars that they can do without. Not a wise decision...

Check out the video below, courtesy of TikTok

@andreaspoly “I AM NOT A SURGEON!!!” #fyp #viral #comedy #medschool #medstudent ♬ original sound - Andreas Polychronis


This was another video that really got us laughing out loud when people think VapoRub is the answer to everything. 

WATCH this one from TikTok

@andreaspoly Vaporub wasnt an answer choice for a single question! #viral #fyp #medstudent #medschool ♬ original sound - Andreas Polychronis

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Image Courtesy of TikTok

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