Teacher busted for selling students' art online

Teacher busted for selling students' art online

An art teacher from a high school in Canada has been accused of selling his students' artwork on his personal website without their permission.

A child's artwork on a t shirt
A child's artwork on a t shirt/YouTube Screenshot/@CityNews

Can you imagine how cheated a kid would feel if they found out that their teacher was stealing their art to sell?

Well, as difficult as it might be to believe, an art teacher at a Canadian high school is said to have been selling his students' artwork on a personal website. 

What's worse is he was making a good profit on their original artwork. 

The discovery of the teacher's misguided actions was made by one of the students, albeit because of Google. 

The student, who Googled his teacher, found out that the teacher was selling their artwork on mugs and t-shirts on his website. 

“The items, priced between S30 and $120, were used without the consent of their creators, in bad faith, and in violation of all laws related to the intellectual property of an artist,” the parents’ complaint reads." (Oddity Central)

That's between R568 and R2,200. 

Parents were outraged at the fact that the teacher was taking advantage of the students. Nothing has been released from the teacher, but he has taken down the items from his social media and website. 

"Some of the parents asked for answers from the high school, but after receiving no answer, they sent a letter asking for $350,000 in moral and punitive damages for alleged intellectual property theft, as well as a formal apology from the teacher,, and for the art to be removed from his website." (Oddity Central)

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