Conservationist works hard to preserve wildlife

Conservationist works hard to preserve wildlife

“It’s time we find a way to reimagine our coexistence with nature."

Kailen Padayachee
Kailen Padayachee/ Supplied

African Wildlife Foundation states that humans are the biggest threat to Africa's wildlife. 

Each year, many animals are vulnerable to poaching.

Illegal hunting is done for profit, and in some cases, the animals are killed to feed humans. 

Kailen Padayachee, a conservationist, has devoted his life to ensuring that animal rights are not trampled upon. 

Padayachee patrols Tswaing Meteorite Crater Reserve in Tshwane to look out for hidden snares among trees and bramble that hunters put in order to trap unassuming animals.

“My late brother and I started the KaiNav Conservation Foundation because we wanted to be Africans with African solutions to African problems,” Padayachee told Beautiful News

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Padayachee works with a team of volunteers and they rove through Gauteng’s natural terrains to find and remove snares, reports Beautiful News. 

The conservationist also founded the S.N.A.R.E Art Programme, which aims to boost employment and give people an alternative to poaching for survival. 

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Image courtesy of Beautiful News. 

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