Throwback to the customer that mistook mannequins for humans

Throwback to the customer that mistook mannequins for humans

This 'Throwback Thursday' still got us laughing...

Mannequins on store window
Mannequins on store window/Pexels/@Dids.

There's nothing like a good Throwback Thursday to get you in the mood for the weekend. 

And this one made us laugh even though it was during a time most of us would like to forget.

A video that was taken at a department store in 2020 in the US shows a customer standing in the middle of the store. 

It doesn't sound like anything funny, but it turns out the customer who was standing there because she thought she was in a queue. 

She was on her phone and another customer, the person who videoed it, noticed that she was just standing there in the same spot for some time. 

So, the person who videoed it made it her duty to confront her and let her know that she wasn't in a queue, but rather standing behind some mannequins. 

Watch the video below, courtesy of TikTok

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Image Courtesy of Pexels


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