Tiger shark spotted close to Australian shore

Tiger shark spotted close to Australian shore

We saw this video from six days ago and then we heard about a shark biting a woman in Australia. 

A Tiger shark swims close to the shore in Australia
A Tiger shark swims close to the shore in Australia/TikTok Screenshot/@perthisok

We came across a video posted a week ago that showed a Tiger shark coming close to shore at the Monkey Mia beach in Australia. 

This was nerve-wracking to watch considering there is this perception that shark nets keep sharks away. 

But what we also noticed in the video was that the shark was prowling and almost grabbed a fish that led him to the shore. 

Watch the video below, courtesy of TikTok

@perthisok A tiger shark was spotted close to the shore in 📍Monkey Mia, Western Australia 👀🦈 | Video by Ruthy Roo via the Snorkelling WA Facebook group #shark #westernaustralia #animals ♬ original sound - Perth is OK!

This was scary to watch, moreover as we heard about the woman who was taking a sunset swim in Australia and got bitten badly. 

"The victim was bitten on the leg near a private wharf in Sydney Harbour on Monday evening. Local residents rushed to the scene and administered first aid after hearing her yell for help." (MSN)

The woman has sustained some serious injuries, but is in a stable condition. 


"Police said they had been told the woman was swimming off the wharf when the shark attacked her, after which she managed to drag herself to safety onto a nearby wharf. The incident happened about 20 metres (60 feet) off from the jetty, media reported, citing residents. O'Neill struggled to maintain consciousness as she suffered significant blood loss after the attack." (India TV News)

Shark bites are rare in this vicinity and the last incident took place in 2009. 

All in all, the woman is lucky to have received some help after the attack, which led to her stable condition. 

Image Courtesy of TikTok

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