WWE legend The Undertaker scares off shark with a stare

WWE legend The Undertaker scares off shark with a stare

Well, whether or not you were a fan, you have to admit that this man has a stare like no other!

Woman standing at the beach near a shark
Woman standing at the beach near a shark/Instagram Screenshot/@pubity

Sharks are amazing creatures.

However, we would like to think that for many, they can remain amazing from a distance. Before the era of 'Baby Shark', we can agree that not everyone would be open to facing a shark. 

But one man is known for his death-by-stare approach and he took on a shark that threatened his wife.

WWE Hall of Famer, The Undertaker, went viral for allegedly scaring off a shark with a stare. 

In a video that his wife, Michelle McCool, shared on social media, we see her videoing what looks like a large shark near the shoreline. 

She then goes on to say that as she was reading a book near the beach, she saw something move near the shoreline. At first, she thought it was vegetation, but then realised it could be a shark. 

She then texted hubby, The Undertaker, and he came through as any knight in shining armour would. 

In the video, we see both of them in the water standing close to the shark. 

WATCH the video below, courtesy of Instagram


We retract the 'allegedly' after watching the full clip on her page. 

The Undertaker, in true tradition, scared the big guy off. 

People found it hilarious on social media. One person even shaded them, saying that was a nurse shark and they are harmless. 

moriarty35: "It’s a nurse shark and you are in a foot of water and a foot from the shore! My 9 year old daughter swam with nurse sharks before." 

We still think it was pretty impressive.

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Image Courtesy of Instagram

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