When you turn the tables on the catfish

When you turn the tables on the catfish

We are all here for this man's content. His ability to catfish the catfish is priceless...

Man showing off chat screenshots on TikTok
Man showing off chat screenshots on TikTok/TikTok Screenshot/@chadhuber

There's a fair few people out there who are being scammed on the daily. 

And as much as we have defended them for their naïveté in the past, with the amount of content that has been shared on scams over social media and the news, we have to say that we cannot cut them any slack anymore.

One man who has made it his niche to tackle catfishing is making content that is not only entertaining, but also eye-opening.  

Chad Huber has a TikTok page with over 350,000 followers. He posts video content about his experiences with playing along with scammers online. 

The video we came across on TikTok told the story of Candi and how she tried to catfish him, but failed terribly. 

Relationship podcast, 'Nevermind, He Texted', featured Chad on the show and this is how they described him. 

"Chad has a Tiktok account where he interacts with internet scammers, goes along with their scams (obviously without sending money or real personal info), and f***s with them. Then, he makes videos of the interactions with a hilarious, sarcastic commentary while also explaining background info and giving insightful info on what to look for to know you’re being scammed." (Apple Podcasts)

This is the video we came across and we have to say his content is definitely entertaining to say the least. 

Courtesy of TikTok.

@chadhuber #catfish #catfishing #scam #candiamanda ♬ original sound - Chad Huber


Check out another one of his videos we found hilarious.

Courtesy of TikTok

@chadhuber #catfish #catfishing #scam #daniellepch ♬ original sound - Chad Huber

Image Courtesy of TikTok

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