A toddler couple has Mzansi in awe

A toddler couple has Mzansi in awe

It seems that we adults could learn a thing or two from this young man...

A little boy offering a little girl yoghurt
A little boy offering a little girl yoghurt/TikTok Screenshot/@mavilakazii._

There's nothing quite like young love.

The sweetness that comes from innocence is a quality to be admired. 

An older sister made sure to restore our faith in love when she decided to share how her baby brother treats his girlfriend. 

This little boy has all the makings of a provider. He respectfully invites his young friend into his home before taking her to the fridge and offering her some yoghurt. 

She agrees and then he walks her out. 

He was a wonderful gentleman to her and big sister has it all recorded. Yes, it was cute, but it was also a lovely way of archiving his actions as a young man to show him one day when he's older. 

Watch the video below, courtesy of TikTok

@mavilakazii._ Part 2. My brother and his girlfriend🥹. #romantic #_mavilakazi_ #SAMA28 #lilbrother #cuteness #littleones ♬ CAN I BE FR? - 56ca$h

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Image Courtesy of TikTok


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