Toddler stomps mom with his 'kid logic'

Toddler stomps mom with his 'kid logic'

Why don't you have milk in your boobs?

A little boy holding a SPAR brand long life milk carton
A little boy holding a SPAR brand long life milk carton/TikTok Screenshot/@louisaaaa95

A mom's life is truly amazing but sometimes, our kids can stomp us. Stomp us with their logic. 

Explaining things to kids can make you feel like you are not as smart as you think. 

One Cape Town mother found this out the hard way when her son turned simple logic against her. 

We assume he asked her for breastmilk and he found a solution.

Explaining to a child who has been breastfed why you can no longer breastfeed them can be a tricky affair. We assume that is what this mother was facing when her son brought her a carton of milk. 

He then went on to say that he got milk for her to put in her 'boobs'. 

Watch the video below, courtesy of TikTok.

@louisaaaa95 The Logic👀 I learnt that I would never win an argument again with my son. #fyp #childrenoftiktok #funnyvideos #funnykids ♬ original sound - SunChild

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