This toilet in Japan is inside an aquarium costed R5m to install

This toilet in Japan is inside an aquarium costed R5m to install

The most important question is would you dare use it?

A toilet inside an aquarium
A toilet inside an aquarium/Instagram Screenshot/@pubity

When you think about travelling and your bucket list, it's not often that you would think a toilet would feature on the list of places you would want to visit. 

But this toilet seems like one that would live up to the list. 

A cafe in Akashi, Japan has a special toilet inside a huge aquarium that is filled with unique fish and turtles. 

"This unbelievable toilet at the Hipopo Papa Cafe in Akashi, Japan is sure to leave you in awe." (Instagram)

The owner of the cafe reportedly paid £200,000, which is nearly R5-million, to have the toilet installed. 

The restroom is designated for women only, however, if the cafe isn't busy, the staff allow men in to take a pee(k).

It does sort of feel like an invasion of privacy, with shoals of fish watching in on you while you do your business. 


Although it has become somewhat of a tourist attraction, it comes with some setbacks. 

Staff find that some customers spend more time in the toilet viewing the beautiful marine life than they do buying stuff from the cafe. 

"Meanwhile some customers have remarked that they are too scared to use the toilet. They believe that relieving themselves in close proximity to sea creatures would be a distinctly uncomfortable experience." (Daily Mail)

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Image Courtesy of Instagram

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