When you get caught out 'acting' as if you're busy!

When you get caught out 'acting' as if you're busy!

A mother shares a video of her discovery of her husband in the upstairs bathroom sitting watch football with the kids' tablet, drinking a beer after he said he was going to fix the leaky sink.

Man looking confused staring at someone
Man looking confused staring at someone/Instagram Screenshot/@theblackmanfamilyofficial

Dad jokes are our thing, and we live and breathe for a dad who is willing to push the limits. 

So much emphasis is placed on mums needing downtime and quiet time, but what about dads? 

No one seems to give them the time they deserve. After all they are just as engaged in the parenting process nowadays and also need some 'me' time. 

It's only fair and we are speaking up for it. Especially since we saw this post online. 

Now it's one thing electively and knowingly taking time for yourself. 

But what happens when you act like you are doing something and get caught out doing something else? 

And worse, you get caught out by your wife! Big spanner in the works indeed. 

This is what seems to have happened to this man. And as much as the content on his family account page is created, we are hoping that this is an eye opener to mothers and fathers or should we say wives and husbands out here. 

Check out the video below, courtesy of Instagram.

It's the fake hammering and drilling that we find absolutely classic. He really committed to being the rebel here but still gets points for creativity. 

Because only a man with a plan can pull something like this of and live to tell the tale. 

Many people commented on the post with some entertaining comments. 

mel_leen: "pretend u ddnt see and let him be, this man jst want to watch sport without interruption" 

teachason_shaq: "I swear only women can bring out this level of thinking and creativity in a man 😂😂😂👏 WE JUST NEED TO ESCAPE" 

nobillz_: "He finished the leaking sink already my son just wanna be left alone for another 2 hrs and watch the soccer game 🤷🏾‍♂️" 

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Image Credit: Instagram

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