Upset daughter gets worried when she hears mum screaming

Upset daughter gets worried when she hears mum screaming

When you think your kids are asleep but you're a screamer and they hear you...

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We highly doubt that all parents are prudes, but a reality that no parent would like to go through is...

Having your kid or kids hear you or walk in on you and your partner having sexy time. 

That can be extremely scarring for anyone, especially parents (oops, we mean children).

For this mom, it was about reassuring her daughter after she heard her screaming in the middle of the night. 

Most parents wait till the kids go to sleep to engage in extracurricular activities, but kids are unpredictable creatures. 

And that means that nothing is set in stone with them. 

Unfortunately, this mother and father learnt that the hard way, when they heard their daughter scream for them. 

Mum wanted to share the moment and so began videoing her husband who told her that their daughter is upset in her room. Why? 

Because she heard mummy screaming and was concerned as to whether she was okay or not. And when mum and dad didn't answer, it upset her more.

P.S Listen out carefully at the end, this kid is a genius. 


WATCH what happened below on TikTok.


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