VW Norway creates office chair with motorised wheels

VW Norway creates office chair with motorised wheels

Ingenious or just plain lazy?

A motorised office chair by Volkswagen Norway
A motorised office chair by Volkswagen Norway/Instagram Screenshot/@Pubity

We have evolved into the home office revolution and there have been many people who have sought comfort.

Having a comfy office chair is something like finding the right partner. You want comfort and support, but you also want modern design. 

This brings us to the technology from Volkswagen Norway, which has been "broadly acknowledged as the electric vehicle (EV) capital of the world".

Their commitment to selling only all-electric vehicles has allowed them to broaden their market to office furniture. 

"A celebration of the inroads made, to date, within its home market, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles in Norway has released a one-off, electrically manoeuvrable office chair!" (VW)

According to the VW website, the chair is "powered by a small electric motor. The project, simply dubbed 'The Chair' has an operating range of up to 12 kilometres between charges, with a claimed top speed of 20 km/h. Included in the packaging is embroidered badging, a heating function for the seat cushion, LED headlamps, an integrated ambient lighting system with a vibrant 'work party' setting, an audio system, parking sensors with a reverse camera and even a tow hitch." (VW)

It even has a hooter, you know, just in case you have a traffic jam in the office. 


Sounds like something made with a gamer in mind - and we are not certain how we feel about it... 

Especially considering that office chairs don't really encourage workers to get in their daily amount of steps or exercise. 

In addition to the above features, there is also additional functionality that hosts a USB charging port and a compartment for storage (ideal for a laptop). 

Check out the video below courtesy of YouTube

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