Volkswagen announce major change in classic Golf design

Volkswagen announce major change in classic Golf design

The classic Volkswagen Golf is getting a face-lift.

Volkswagen Golf is receiving a facelift and removing manual driving

Whether you're a petrolhead or not, everyone knows someone who owns or has owned a Volkswagen Golf.

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The MK I original debuted in 1974 and while the original design has been changed and adapted with more modern technology and other science-y car things over the last few decades, there has always been one very consistent element in the car's design.

There has always been an option to drive the car manually, gearbox and all.

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Volkswagen being a German manufacturer, however, has now had to make some changes to the eighth-generation Golf design as the European Union is set to implement the Euro 7 emissions laws by 2025.

There is a slight benefit with automatic transmissions releasing fewer emissions compared to the manual transmissions which has been equipped in Golfs up until this point.

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Volkswagen CEO Thomas Schäfer also announced that the company is aiming to no longer offer petrol and diesel versions of the model as the company moves more towards electrification.

The CEO also said that they will not be giving up the now iconic Polo, Golf, and Tiguan names, but will be moving them all to electric.

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