Waitress dishes on diner who brought her own kale

Waitress dishes on diner who brought her own kale

A waitress shared her experience with a diner that brought her own kale to a Mexican restaurant. 

Woman in black tank top holding a bunch of Kale
Woman in black tank top holding a bunch of Kale/Pexels/@Karolina Grabowska

It's not often that one can say that they pack their own food when dining out. 

But it seems in the age of social media, we are seeing more and more people sharing their unorthodox practices. 

Socially unacceptable practices to say the least.

One story reflected from the perspective of a server, shares the unconscionable. 

Usually, we see things from the perspective of a diner, either complaining about the service or otherwise, but this time it was the waitress that took to the streets with the tea. 

Or in this case, it would be more fitting to say the kale. 

The waitress shared how she works at a small Mexican chain restaurant and was serving two middle-aged women. 

“I brought water and introduced myself and asked if they’d like anything else to drink and the one lady responded with ‘water is the only thing I drink. Anything else is basically poison’,” she wrote." (IOL)

At this point, we are feeling afraid for her. Major diner red flag alert.

One of the ladies shocked the socks off the waitress when she ordered a deconstructed taco. 

The waitress enquired if she had any dietary restrictions, but the woman replied by saying: "I bring my own ingredients because everything else has pesticides in it."

After ordering, the waitress found that the diner only ate her kale and some of the tomato salad from the deconstructed taco. 


The waitress was shocked by the woman's behaviour.

Nevertheless, she went on to ask the Reddit community whether they had ever experienced anything similar. 

This is what some people shared: 

“My grandparents do this sh*t, too. When I go out to eat with them, they always order honeymoon salads, then just bust out dressings, grated cheese, even a lil f**in' Tupperware container full of capers! Sh*t makes me want to curl up and die,” shared one person.

“I had a lady ask if she could use our blender to blend up her kids food. We are a pizza chain. We dont sell anything blended. We barely have a working microwave, let alone a blender,” answered another." (IOL)

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