WATCH: Bride does something witty at the altar that gets everyone laughing!

WATCH: Bride does something witty at the altar that gets everyone laughing!

Now this is what we call a clever lass...

Bride and groom at the altar laughing
Bride and groom at the altar laughing/TikTok Screenshot/@theschoolhousevenue

We can firmly say that when it comes to marrying your person, there are things that you know you can do and get away with. 

But sometimes there are moments that you have to take advantage of, because they are 'once in a lifetime' moments.

And so we seize the moment and decide to move forward with it. 

In this case it was a bride who had to make a statement at her wedding. 

And it wasn't what you would expect from a bride. It was more than just about the dress, or the decor, or even the rings. 

It was about bringing the jovialness of their relationship into the wedding ceremony in a lasting way. 

She decided to take this opportunity to roast her groom by shedding some light on how long she's been waiting on this day. 

In the video she is seen opening up her wedding vows, and as she unfolds it, she blows off fake dust, indicating that it's been gathering dust all this time. 

Everyone burst out laughing, even the groom after he realised the joke...


WATCH the video below, courtesy of TikTok:

@theschoolhousevenue Absolutely hilarious! Extremely witty + clever move by our bride, Christie, the other weekend during their ceremony vow exchange 😆 As a tribute to being together almost 15 years, Christie decided to “blow the dust” off of her ceremony vows in preparation for reading her vows to Byron! Byron’s Reaction = PRICELESS 🎥 Ten Oh Eight Films 📷 @The Ten Oh Eight Co ♬ original sound - the school house venue

Image Courtesy of TikTok

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