Watch what these monkeys do to get food from people

Watch what these monkeys do to get food from people

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A monkey handing a phone back to a woman
A monkey handing a phone back to a woman/Instagram Screenshot/@Pubity

It's safe to say that most people in KwaZulu-Natal have experienced monkeys firsthand by now. 

And if they haven't, then we would like to encourage them to be prepared for anything because it may likely happen at some point in the future. 

If you thought KZN monkeys were wild, then wait until you see the monkeys in Bali, Indonesia.

In a video that was shared on social media, we see a monkey holding a woman's phone. 

The monkey is holding the phone close to its body and the woman seems quite distressed looking into her bag. 

The headline basically explains how monkeys in Bali are holding people's phones hostage until they receive food they are happy with. 

Watch the video below. Courtesy of Instagram


People really connected to it and many of them mentioned Vrindavan, India. 

One person even questioned why there were no feeding schemes for the monkeys considering there are so many of them. 

And the rest of the people were sharing their monkey interactions. 

matte_: "They stole my buds eyeglasses in 1997 to get food" 

chef_lovegrub: "I watched them one time go thru a woman’s bag and take out all her belongings we had to help her get them away and try to get her things back. They took the little airplane bottles of booze hahah" 

Image Courtesy of Instagram

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