WATCH: Young thief knocks himself out in crazy incident

WATCH: Young thief knocks himself out in crazy incident

This must be the world's silliest thief or maybe he just had some bad luck? Either way, we are glad he didn't get away with his fashionable loot...

Brown Louis Vuitton monogram leather handbags
Brown Louis Vuitton monogram leather handbags/Pexels

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We have seen some criminal fails before and we have to say that we are always happy when we see them fail. This is very specific to criminals, of course - we don't enjoy watching good people fail...

But the above one is by far one of the silliest. 

Louis Vuitton as a brand is definitely quite exclusive. Something that we know not everyone can afford, but something that many desire. 

In the above video, we see a "17-year-old suspect slamming straight into the boutique's glass plate window with stolen handbags in tow before falling to the ground." (Daily Mail)

The thief knocked himself unconscious after trying to get away from the Seattle store. It seems the window cleaner is the hero in this robbery attempt. 

Because the windows at the store were so clean, the thief thought it was an open space. 

"Loss prevention detained the teen assailant, who was not alert but semi-conscious and breathing when officers arrived. The suspect was then arrested and later released to a family member at the hospital." (Daily Mail)

The name of the suspect was not released as he is a juvenile. He also formed part of a retail theft ring/syndicate. 

Image Courtesy of Pexels

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