This is why you should be washing your water bottles daily

This is why you should be washing your water bottles daily

A woman shows us how dirty your water bottle can get if you don't wash them and it is a real shocker!

Mould on the inside of a water bottle lid
Mould on the inside of a water bottle lid/TikTok Screenshot/@delish

The Delish website is a one-stop shop for home cooks. This website offers them tried and tested recipes. 

From recipes for food and cocktails to tips and tools that help you with everything you need to know about food, saving, money and budgeting. 

A woman from the Delish brand took to TikTok recently to share something enlightening. 

In a video shared on the Delish TikTok page, we see a woman uncover the state of her colleague's water bottles. 

She gagged when she smelt one of the water bottles she collected. She had the same reaction when she found mold in another person's water bottle lid. 

It was anything but comforting to see this, especially considering that we use these kinds of water bottles daily. Not everybody washes their bottles every day nor do they deep clean.  

Watch the video below, courtesy of TikTok

@delish I bet you didn’t know your water bottles could get this moldy #water #stanleycup #cleaning ♬ Cooking, bossa nova, adults, light(950693) - Kids Sound

Many commented suggesting that people should get a Hydro Flask, but from the looks of it, you would still have to wash the bottle. 

Others said they would rather consume the mould than wash their bottles everyday. 

Do you wash your water bottle everyday?

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Image Courtesy of TikTok


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