Wife pranks husband and it leads to a call with his lawyer

Wife pranks husband and it leads to a call with his lawyer

When the lawyer gets called, maybe that's when you should realise it's overly successful. 

A shelf of photo frames in a store
A shelf of photo frames in a store/TikTok Screenshot/@kristy.sarah

It feels like more and more couples are becoming content creators on TikTok these days and their main focus leans toward couple comedy. 

More particularly, pranks. 

This couple is known for their pranks and more often than not, the wife Kristy Sarah always goes over and beyond when pranking her husband. 

This time, she placed one of his 'supposed' bad photos inside photo frames and placed them in a store they were shopping at (without him seeing). 

As they perused around the store, she told him to accompany her to the home decor section of the store. 

He was walking around with her and then he noticed his photo in the frames and was flabbergasted. But that's the thing with these prank videos, we are never fully convinced that they are legitimately surprised or if they are great at acting. 

Watch how things played out below at the store when hubby calls his lawyer. 

Courtesy of TikTok


the phone call did it for me 😭

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