World's most expensive donut costs R1,800!

World's most expensive donut costs R1,800!

Guess it isn't just Bruno Mars who has that 24k kind of magic...

A donut with edible golden flakes on a white plate
A donut with edible golden flakes on a white plate/Instagram Screenshot/@Kamerajunior

We have heard of many world firsts when it comes to food - the world's most expensive French fries and even the world's most expensive toasted cheese sandwich. 

But we came across another world's most expensive food item and this one is not just delectable, it is also quite unique in its composition. 

Pubity, a fun news channel on social media, has the most hilarious host, Kamera Junior. He shared what is known as the world's most expensive donut. 

The donut costs $100 (which is roughly R1,800), and the reason it is so expensive is because of its ingredients. 

It can only be found in Brooklyn, New York, USA, and it is made of 23-carat edible gold, $500 (R9,087) champagne, and Ube. Ube is a purple yam or as many call it in South Africa, Madumbe. 

The ingredients are premium, so we can understand the price. But as Kamera says, at that price, it should come with a free coffee and, he says, a car...

But we think asking for a free car is just pushing your luck...

Who knows, maybe after eating this donut you will get that Bruno Mars kind of magic?

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We cannot imagine edible gold tasting very nice, but who are we to deny people their luxury donuts?

Would you buy this donut if you could?

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Image Courtesy of Instagram

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