"To the woman who was mugged in JHB Central, I have your phones..."

"To the woman who was mugged in JHB Central, I have your phones..."

To those that think that there can be no good to Twitter...

Person holding a gun
Person holding a gun/Pexels Website

As much as we have heard our fair share of stories about how social media is used maliciously, there are those that also use it to bring about some sort of justice.

In this case, it was a man who managed to find the belongings of a woman who was mugged at gunpoint in Johannesburg recently. 

It seems that his intention was to find her so that he could in fact return her mobile phones to her. 

Check out the tweet below:

Now the issue was born when people starting picking on how he knew that the criminals in question were in fact Zimbabweans.

We're not certain of how he knew the nationality of the criminals in question. But what we do know is that he somehow retrieved this woman's belongings. 


The tweet has over 3,700 retweets and over 9,000 likes and we have yet to see whether the woman has been in contact with him. 

But what started out looking like a sign of justice (somewhat), has evolved into a place where people have decided to show hatred for one another. 

Crazy, but true, social media is such a powerful tool but if only people would choose to use it for the positive, what a world it would be...

Image Courtesy of Pexels Website

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