You won't believe what locals are using the Eskom loadshedding app for...

You won't believe what locals are using the Eskom loadshedding app for...

Looks like people are using loadshedding to find love...

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Close up photo of a light bulb/Pexels Website

We have heard of some great love stories in our time and the craziest ones are the ones that never actually follow the norm. 

They're the ones that stem from something completely arbitrary, the unthinkable, if that is what you can call it. 

And after hearing about this story, we think it would be a great start to a romance movie, made in South Africa. 

A post on Reddit recently revealed that some people from the Norwood, Johannesburg community are switching things up during their 'lights out' time. 

The post shows a screenshot of the Eskom loadshedding app, and some people using the platform to chat. Yes, chatting. But not about when the lights are coming back or any irrelevant Eskom question. 

But rather as an appeal to all the singletons from around the area...

Bold move, indeed. Now we cannot say for sure what happened and if anyone actually responded. 

But it seems the person who went by Good Vibes first wrote, "Hey, any single guys around?" Then went on to send, "Hey any single ladies around Norwood?" (Reddit)

It seems to us that perhaps Good Vibes is trying to play matchmaker and create a spark in the dark...

If that is in fact the case, then we totally and unequivocally approve of this idea. 

After all, at least there is something to look forward to when the lights go out, a sort of entertaining reality show that happens each time you have loadshedding. It certainly beats sitting in the dark twiddling your thumbs. 

Plus, if someone finds love out of this horrendous situation, then at least we will have something positive and happy to associate it with. What do you say?

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