Implementation of new energy plan a concern for business sector

Implementation of new energy plan a concern for business sector

NWU Business School’s professor Raymond Parsons says President Cyril Ramaphosa should be applauded for introducing a raft of measures and reforms aimed at addressing the country’s ongoing load shedding and power crisis.

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President Cyril Ramaphosa announced a series of measures at the Union Buildings on Monday evening. 


But Parsons warns the devil will be in the implementation of the plan. 


“The latest wide-ranging plan of action to address South Africa’s chronic electricity crisis, if properly and rapidly implemented, could now be a tipping point in turning around the country’s ability to more successfully meet its energy challenges,” he says. 

“This has now become imperative for investment and job-rich growth in the economy.”


Meanwhile, Business Unity South Africa’s Cas Coovadia wants government to be held accountable for the new energy plan and the meeting of deadlines and execution targets.

“Simply put, the country needs to bring on as much generation capacity as possible, in as short a time as possible to close the 6GW energy gap, and this plan is a concrete step towards achieving this,” said Coovadia.


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