Baboons frolick in Betty’s Bay guest house pool

Baboons frolick in Betty’s Bay guest house pool

A video that shows a bunch of baboons having a pool party is being spread widely on social media - and we totally understand why!

BABOON pool party
Baboon 'pool party' / Facebook.

The owner of a Betty's Bay guesthouse captured the video of the baboons splashing about in his pool.

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The owner of the Kalliste guesthouse, Garth Bradley, was sitting at his desk finishing up some work when he saw the baboons gallivanting in his pool. He immediately rushed to grab his camera to film this unusual "pool party".

Bradley shared the video on Kalliste's guesthouse Facebook page and it has since been viewed more than 375,000 times.

"The whole thing lasted about five minutes," he told News24. "They often sit on the deck or lay around the pool, four or five of them at a time," he added.


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