Nottingham man glued to his phone falls into open canal
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Nottingham man glued to his phone falls into open canal

The Canal and River Trust has warned people in Nottingham to be vigilant about potentially falling into the open canals after a man fell into the water after being distracted by his phone. 

man falling on leaves

Annmarie Gardner, owner of The Navigation pub in Nottingham, witnessed a hapless phone user falling into an open canal outside her establishment. The unidentified man, who had been too distracted with the screen to look where he was going, assumed the leaves he was about to step on were covering solid ground. 

He took a dip but fortunately there were passersby who witnessed the incident and pulled him out of the water. 

Gardner reported that the man was "unhurt but 'very wet' and more concerned about his phone".

The Canal and River Trust, the local authorities in charge of the upkeep of the canal and river areas, say people should not be discouraged from visiting the area, but they should be more careful about watching where they walk: "Our advice at this time of year is to definitely pay a visit to your local canal or river as they’re great places to stay fit, de-stress and relax, but to take extra care." 

At this rate, walking while texting may turn out to be just as dangerous as driving while using your phone!

Image: Prince Akachi

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