POV: You take a telephone interview for a new job at your current workplace

POV: You take a telephone interview for a new job at your current workplace

This is cheeky, but if you know what you want, we cannot blame you...

Woman in gray sweater talking on the phone
Woman in gray sweater talking on the phone/Pexels

There are many people out there who are looking for new work opportunities, but there is a process they have to go through. 

One which involves sticking it out whilst looking for new work. That transitionary phase can be really challenging. 

Considering you have to keep your intentions to yourself depending on the type of managers you have, you have to be careful or you may be stuck without any work. 

In a recent video made by a woman who is looking for new work, we see her share something that was actually quite relative to others on TikTok. 

She shared how she received a call from a prospective employer who wanted to have a brief telephonic interview, but she was at her current workplace. 

Turns out she isn't the only one who is in this position. 

@def.notjenny want to tell them: please hire me I want to leave here #fyp #job #work #apply #jk #I #love #this #job ♬ my little love - solartunne

Check out the video below, courtesy of TikTok


"Many who watched Jenny’s post commiserated with her experience, stating that they even conducted Zoom interviews from the bathroom at their current position in the hopes of landing a more desirable offer elsewhere." (Daily Dot)

Although she reenacted the video, it resonated with many people who are looking for other work and have consequently taken job interview calls while at their current workplace. 

Check out some of the comments below. Courtesy of TikTok

KEL: "Lmaoo i went to the break room and took the call. Another employee heard me 😅" 

jorge: "i got the call that i was hired during my shift" 

Rhe: "this is so me i went on my 15 and did a whole zoom interview in our work bathroom" 

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Image Courtesy of Pexels

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