South Africans are looking for fuel alternatives after latest hike

South Africans are looking for fuel alternatives after latest hike

Disclaimer, no alternatives to petrol and cooking oil are being condoned in this article, nor should any other substance be used in their place.

Pineapple beer

Well, the petrol price has gone up again...

People are not happy - and understandably so.

When we saw this post of a fellow South African asking pineapple juice brewers for help, we couldn't resist sharing it with you - even though the thought of it is pure fantasy.

The post reads: 

We cannot blame people for at least asking. Of course, if there was an alternative to either, we are certain someone would've made it known by now. 

They would also be sitting on a goldmine with those alternatives. 

Now what was interesting to us is how this post turned into an air-fryer conversation. We do appreciate this alternative to using cooking oil though, because the best part is that it encourages more people to lead a healthier lifestyle. 

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And then what we'd hoped wouldn't come to light did...

A person commented sharing some old trick they'd heard about where some bright spark turned used cooking oil into diesel.

We would by no means advise you try this as a means to save your wallet more agony...

Image Courtesy of Pixabay

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