WATCH: Interviewers ask her why they can't find her on social media...

WATCH: Interviewers ask her why they can't find her on social media...

Is this a standard now for interviews?

Woman talking about social media
Woman talking about social media/ TikTok Screenshot/@alixonfree

Looking for work is not at all an easy feat. It comes with a rise and fall of emotions. 

Mostly because so many people need work to survive. So when it comes to interview etiquette and making yourself more appealing to the market, it's definitely something that many job seekers tend to do. 

When social media first started blowing up, companies started including clauses in their contracts with employees about their social media use. Basically, it would be around not misrepresenting the company online. 

But more than that, interviewers and recruiters began trolling candidates' social media. To get a picture of what type of people they are. Which is a little bit closed minded, because someone's personal life can be completely different to their professional capabilities.  

This woman shared her experience after completing an interview. Interviewers questioned her in what we assume was a cynical way, about her social media. Since she works in marketing, there is an obvious assumption that she was meant to be openly active on social media. 

She explained to them that it is because she works in marketing that she chose to keep her social media private...

Check out her video below, courtesy of TikTok

@alioxonfree #jobinterview #marketing #fyp #socialmedia #BigComfy ♬ original sound - Nani


Her video garnered lots of questions from people asking how to make their online information private. After she posted this...

Please be warned that this video is not for sensitive viewers. 

Courtesy of TikTok

@alioxonfree Reply to @cleopatramiddleton #socialmedia #marketing #jobinterview #fyp #millennial #zillennial #WomenOwnedBusiness ♬ original sound - Nani

We must admit though that for someone who is so vocal about keeping her online life personal, she has no privacy settings on her TikTok account...

Image Courtesy of TikTok

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